Single Teeth in South Yarra

It is not uncommon for one reason, or another over a life-time to face losing a tooth. At the back of the mouth this can cause problems with chewing and lead to drifting and tilting of remaining teeth. Losing a tooth at the front of the mouth adds an obvious cosmetic issue to an already serious problem and can feel devastating. If this has happened to you, we would love to use our experience with dental implants to help you.

Dental implants are placed where the root of the lost tooth would sit in your jaw. Once a dental crown has been placed on top of your implant you essentially have your tooth back.

Placing an implant is usually a minor procedure done on the dental chair. Dental implants are made of medical titanium and take about 3 months to bond to the bone (a process called osseointegration). During this waiting time we can provide you with a temporary replacement tooth to get you through. After this time, a ceramic crown which looks just like a natural tooth can be placed on your implant. This implant and crown will look, feel and function the same as your natural teeth. You will need brush and floss around your implant just like your natural teeth. Although you cannot get a cavity in an implant, it is important to keep the gum and natural teeth around it healthy.

If a natural tooth has been missing for a long time, the bone that used to support the tooth may have shrunk away. In such a case you might need regeneration of the area prior to, or simultaneous to having an implant placed. This is typically achieved by using biomaterials specially designed to form a temporary scaffold for your own bone and gum to grow into and replace. We know implant size and angle is of particular importance to a great result. Therefore, we combine our training and experience with 3D jaw scans and planning software to ensure optimal outcomes.

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