Cosmetic Bonding in South Yarra

People often ask us for changes to the appearance of their front teeth. Often their front teeth are healthy, but they do not like their size or shape. There may be unwanted gaps between front teeth, or wear and chips ageing their teeth. We love helping these patients achieve the smile they deserve using a technique that avoids the dental drill and avoids injections. There are high quality adhesive repair materials that with fine craftsmanship, we can seamlessly add to your teeth.

These materials are called composite resins and the technique is known as ‘cosmetic bonding’. It is called bonding because the composite resin is bonded directly to your tooth without any drilling being necessary.

Tooth Bonding

Simple cosmetic bonding is carried out in one visit. More complex bonding, often involving several teeth, requires two visits. At the first of these visits we will take moulds and photographs of your mouth and plan the changes you want. In between visits we will use the moulds to make models of your teeth and do prototype bonding on the models. At the second of the visits we will view the prototypes with you, make any necessary changes, then make an index which enables us to copy the prototype bonding accurately onto your teeth. With this approach to more complicated situations, our results have been described as ‘life changing’.

People often combine bonding with tooth whitening for a non-invasive smile makeover. When adults have crooked teeth, some front teeth have often become chipped and worn down due to their bite. Providing cosmetic bonding for these patients after straightening their teeth with Invisalign provides fantastic results.

The main differences between cosmetic bonding and veneers are -
  • Veneers are made outside of the mouth from porcelain, whereas bonding is placed directly onto your tooth using composite resin.
  • Veneers add volume to your tooth, which is of great value if your tooth is very worn down, or extensively broken down. However, in many situations this volume is unwanted because it can make teeth look too big, unless a drill is used to make your natural tooth smaller ready for the veneer. Bonding avoids this drilling.
  • For healthy teeth that would benefit from cosmetic changes to their shape, bonding is often the best choice: particularly for younger patients. Unlike veneers, cosmetic bonding is also appropriate for teenagers.
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