Dental Dentures in South Yarra

The Dentists offers a range of solutions to patients when tooth loss has occurred. We understand that tooth loss occurs for a range of reasons, and therefore there are a variety of factors to consider before commencing any treatment. Dentures are a great solution for tooth loss if that area of your mouth is unsuitable for a bridge or dental implants: or if medical or financial reasons rule those options out. We love making life-like custom dentures.


Dentures are fabricated in both partial and complete forms depending on the individuals’ needs and are custom designed and hand-made to fit. To ensure optimal results the clinical stages of making your dentures are performed at The Dentists and the laboratory stages by a local master dental technician.

Dependent on their complexity, dentures can take between two and six visits to make. All your visits will be at our clinic. Between your visits, laboratory work on your dentures will be done for you.

A large number of people with full upper and / or lower dentures had their teeth removed many years ago. When their teeth were originally removed their gums will have been plentiful and rounded. Dentures sit very well on gums like that, so we describe their retention as very good. Unfortunately, decades later, this group of patients usually have flat gums following years of gum shrinkage. On these flat gums their dentures tend to slip around, so their retention is poor. The lower jaw and lower denture can be particularly badly affected and the problem further exacerbated by the movement of the tongue. In such instances two implants are often placed in the lower jaw to anchor the denture. The two implants have press-stud like attachments which match inserts in the new denture. The new lower denture clips onto the implants to obtain excellent retention. This type of denture is called an implant Overdenture. Since the McGill consensus in 2002, implant Overdenture have been established as the minimum standard of care for patients wearing lower complete dentures.

Partial dentures usually use small clips and design features on some remaining natural teeth for retention, support and stability. Therefore, they tend to be less vulnerable to becoming unsatisfactory related to gum shrinkage. However, along with the natural teeth supporting them, they need to be reviewed at your 6 monthly dental check ups. Due to the role they play in keeping the partial denture in place, the neighbouring natural teeth can be more susceptible to other dental problems. For the health of these teeth and for ongoing great appearance and function, your partial denture should be periodically replaced due to its wear and tear and changes in your mouth.

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