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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth typically appear in the mouth during your late teens or early adulthood. Sometimes there is not enough space in the mouth for them to fit and function in your bite. When this happens they can cause pain and discomfort due to inflammation, infection or cysts that form in relation to the wisdom tooth. On other occasions there is sufficient space in the mouth, but the wisdom teeth might be so far back that you cannot brush them properly: this leads to them developing cavities. When problems with wisdom teeth arise they often need to be removed. Healthy wisdom teeth do not need to be removed but should be monitored with regular dental check-ups.

We have a lot of experience removing wisdom teeth on the dental chair with a local anaesthetic and if necessary, some sedation. Alternatively, we also refer wisdom teeth to be removed by a local oral and maxillofacial surgeon. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon will arrange for you to have a general anaesthetic in a hospital setting for removal of the teeth whilst you sleep. Our approach to your wisdom teeth will be guided by you: however, we will use our experience to help you make informed choices.

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