Same Day Teeth in South Yarra

We understand the loss of a tooth is devastating. We also realise that when people have come to the end of their tether with removable dentures, they want fixed teeth as soon as possible.

Fortunately, we have the knowledge and expertise to be able to give you a fixed tooth (or teeth) the day your implant is placed. This does depend on the quality of your bone and the position(s) of the missing teeth, but it is an approach we take whenever it is suitable. Essentially, if the implant is stable enough when it is first placed, we can put a temporary tooth / teeth on it on the same day. This approach means that if you need a tooth removed, the implant and a temporary tooth can be placed on the same day. Alternatively, we can use a traditional approach waiting for three months until the implant has fully bonded with your bone. If you are missing all your teeth, you could have ‘All-On-4’ treatment and walk away with fixed teeth on the day your implants are placed.

Whether it is one or multiple teeth we use plastic temporary teeth for 'Same day teeth': the ease of adjusting plastic teeth is essential for our technique. We replace these with ceramic teeth after three months when the implant(s) have fully bonded with your bone. The plastic temporary teeth will look close to your final outcome. However, we have to be careful not to overload your implant(s) before they are fully bonded, so they will sometimes be slightly different to your final result. Temporary plastic teeth are not as life-like as the beautiful final ceramic ones. However, this 'same day teeth' approach goes a long way to ease the devastation of losing a tooth / teeth: and the potential discomfort and embarrassment of wearing a denture.

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