Root Canal in South Yarra

Root canal treatment is recommended for teeth where the nerve or pulp of the tooth has become inflamed or infected due to decay or trauma. In these circumstances it is needed to prevent infection, pain and swelling (an abscess). Whilst it has an undeserved reputation for being one of the most unpleasant and traumatic procedures, at The Dentists, we endeavour to make your treatment as pain free and stress free as possible.

Root Canal treatment

All teeth have a small narrow space inside called a root canal. This is where the nerve of the tooth sits. Root canal therapy involves the careful removal of the inflamed or infected nerve. We then thoroughly clean and finally seal the canal to prevent further infection. Some teeth have more than one root canal and the amount of infection present will vary from case to case. Therefore, your treatment may be done in a single visit, or over a few appointments. Each case needs to be assessed and treated on an individual basis to ensure an optimal result is achieved. At your treatment visits you will have a small rubber sheet over the tooth, called a ‘rubber dam’. This enables us to disinfect the root canal, without saliva and therefore bacteria getting into your tooth. Small x-rays are needed to check on the progress of the treatment and the final result.

Typically, back teeth that have been root canal treated need a crown to reinforce them.

Sometimes teeth that have a dead, or infected nerve become discoloured. If this has happened to you, the tooth can be 'whitened', with a special technique after root canal treatment.

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