Crowns and Bridges in South Yarra

Crowns are proven to be of great benefit in restoring damaged or weakened teeth. They prevent teeth from additional weakening and damage by providing added strength.

A dental bridge is used as a fixed solution for replacing missing teeth. It is held by crowns secured to the natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth / teeth. A bridge fills the gap created by the missing teeth, restoring your smile and bite.

When a tooth has become weak due to decay, lost a large filling, has undergone root canal therapy or sustained damage in an accident. Adding strength and restoring the tooth to its former function and appearance can be achieved with a dental crown. Crowns are highly versatile in their application and are designed to fit precisely over the remaining tooth structure to protect it. A crown is also the final restoration for a dental implant and this is explained elsewhere on our website.

A crown is typically made from ceramic, for the most beautiful natural appearance. Although, in some situations a precious metal reinforcement beneath the ceramic needs to be considered. We believe it is important to select the best material for you as an individual based on your cosmetic concerns, your habits and the tooth's position in your mouth.

The procedure for a crown or bridge is very similar and is a two appointment process.

The first step involves preparing the tooth and taking moulds of your mouth (called impressions). The single tooth for a crown, or supportive teeth for a bridge are carefully and precisely prepared. This preparation enables a crown / bridge of the correct parameters for your functional and cosmetic needs to be made and fitted. Your crown /bridge will be designed to blend in with the size, shape and colour of your natural teeth. Your definitive crown or bridge will be crafted, by a local master technician over a two week period. Therefore, plastic temporary versions will be secured to your tooth / teeth before you leave your first treatment appointment. At your second appointment we will replace your temporary crown / bridge with your fantastic definitive ones. These will be bonded seamlessly to your tooth / teeth restoring your oral health.

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